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slide-a-shelf-lowes Slide A Shelf Lowes

Slide A Shelf Lowes – Shelf liners have been around for a very long time. They’ve gained a reputation as one of those “must haves” from the kitchen, along with the egg timer, the can opener as well as the metal basket steamer. However, lately other more creative uses have been found for pubs liners. These uses include as baits for fridge shelves, as temporary protective, slip free covers for counter tops and even as decorative accents for those times when you’re entertaining guests and need everything to be just perfect.

The Refrigerator

Should you prefer spending your time doing different things, here’s a tip for you: Install shelf liners on the flat surfaces of your fridge.

By covering the flat surfaces with shelf liner, your fridge becomes protected against most of those hidden leaks, spills drops and drips that contaminate, coagulate and congeal for months at a time. When the time arrives to wash next time, all you’ll have to do is remove the shelf liner and replace it with a new batch.

This method is handy for when you need your table top to be something more. By way of instance, if you’re eating out in the picnic table at the summertime, lay down a sheet or two of shelf liner and the lemons and limes will stop rolling off the jagged surface. Or if the table was peeling paint as well as a target for bird droppings, you may want a fresh slate to function on. A Shelf liner fits the bill.


This is a developing tendency with these items in addition to with glue contact papers. As they can be found in such a vast array of colors, designs and styles, they are often utilized to decorate. By way of instance, if you’re having the family over for supper you may top your dining room table with a design that matches the decor of the room. Or you may use it on top of the linen table cloth as an extra protection against spills, stains and pops.

These are three shelf liner uses that are growing in popularity. There are hundreds of others. In fact, with the growing variety available now, this product is quickly becoming a must own during the house. Soon it may equal duct tape for its versatility and effectiveness. Look around your house – where could it be practical for you?

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